The Make-up Myth: The Introduction

Assortment of make-up

Masters of the lie, the visual lie.

Look at you.
You got on heels, you ain’t that tall.

You got on makeup,
your face don’t look like that.

You got a weave, your hair ain’t that long.

You got a Wonderbra on,
your titties ain’t that big.

Everything about you is a lie,
and you expect me to tell the truth?

F*ck you!
~ Chris Rock, Bigger & Blacker

Okay, that’s a bit much but it lies adjacent to a different point that we here at AfroThought have been meaning to tackle. Recently an associate expressed befuddlement that guys always approach her when she feels she is not looking her best or at least not presented in a way she would prefer her first impression to appear aesthetically. She gave an example of an instance when she was approached while she had no make-up on. We doubt she was busted, but apparently she didn’t expect to be seen. Conversely, whenever she is out on the town looking like a “vision of perfection” from her “hair follicles to her toe nails” only the C-team steps to her. We figured we should clear any misconceptions over this image phenomenon by presenting our perspectives.

The Gentleman’s Thoughts

The Genius’ Thoughts

The Prophet’s Thoughts

The Make-up Myth: The Prophecy

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Recently a female friend asked us:

“Why do guys always approach her when she’s not looking so hot, but when she’s all dolled up and on point, none of the fine guys step to her, only the C-team.”

Here’s what The Prophet had to say about it:

Here’s the deal. The reason why guys aren’t really approaching you when you are looking your best isn’t because of what your makeup is saying about you or that we are selectively sniping our targets. The reason is that dudes these days are just timid and lazy. Yep. You ladies were right. We are just reluctant to talk to you for fear of rejection.

You see, guys have extremely fragile egos. Rejection is something that most guys need to be able to deal with and a key part of life but something that only a very small percentage of guys are capable of handling without batting an eye. The problem is that the overwhelming majority of guys who have the balls to come up to you when you are looking your best are card-carrying members of the C-team. These are the guys I believe that The Genius was talking about as being “That Dude“.  So what about the other guys? The guys belonging to the A-team, hell even the B-team? Why aren’t they talking to you? The answer is simple:  Hoes.

First of all, let me start off by saying that I do not run around calling women bitches and hoes. My mother is a woman and so are my sisters, best friends, and family members. Teachers, religious mentors, neighbors, girlfriends, ex-girlfriends, and mail-lady. But everyone needs to stop fronting and realize that hoes do exist. All women are not bitches or hoes, we’re talking 20-25% tops. And it’s this segment that messes everything up for all you quality women out there who got it going on both physically and mentally. This is because the hoes are actually the ones doing the sniping. They feed on all the men from the A-team, B-team, and C-team in that very order and as wonderful as I think the male race is, we are lazy as hell.

Conditioning is the reason we are not talking to you. Most of your good-looking male friends are perfectly capable of getting  “attention” from pretty women without even doing anything. It may not be as easy or as often as it is for even the averagest looking woman, but give it some time, and they will come.

Let’s recap. Men these days are confronted with a dilemma, one that we chose the easiest course of action to solve. On one hand, we are faced with possible rejection from women who know that they look good and know their own worth. On the other hand, we are also well aware that if we just chill for long enough, hoes will make their presence known and we will get “candy” from them. Because guys are lazy, we choose the hoes option because it’s easier and still keeps our egos in tact. I personally believe this is the reason that men are typically attracted to crazy ass women. Sorry ladies, but the truth is just as brutal as you thought. Also, I am very aware that I just used the word “averagest” in the last paragraph. I do not regret that at all. I was just too lazy to change it.

See, told you.

What do you think? Let us know.

The Make-up Myth: The Introduction

The Gentleman’s Thoughts

The Genius’ Thoughts

The Make-up Myth: Analyzed by a Genius

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Recently a female friend asked us:

“Why do guys always approach her when she’s not looking so hot, but when she’s all dolled up and on point, none of the fine guys step to her, only the C-team?”

Here’s what The Genius had to say about it:

With all due respect to my fellow colleague The Gentleman, I think maybe he got the purpose of this article confused himself, or maybe he chose to comment on just the makeup, which is ONE aspect of the larger issue.; however, his points can also be applicable to the bigger issue, which is “Accuracy”.

Makeup aside, women get into dress-up battles with themselves and their friends when they go out. It’s all fun and games, and I personally don’t really see anything wrong with it. The problem, or should I say confusion, comes in when their attire does not match their surroundings, or how I perceive my surroundings.

I don’t consider myself a Casanova by any means. But I am a firm believer in social engineering and the chief advocate against the Law of Large Numbers (as applied to dating).  This means that I’m all about accuracy when I approach women. Not all men are like this, but usually the ones you want to talk to are. You see, the C-Team that you speak of is only interested in your superficial appearance, that is after all the main reason he approached you; he has nothing else to go off of. His M.O. is “Hey, might as well try, right? Worst that can happen is she’ll say ‘No’. I’ll live”. Which actually, is true. The problem is that if you DO say no, where does that put me? Am I to just hang it up that night, or am I to move onto the next woman? For these guys, the latter is the preferred choice of action. But after 2 or 3 rejections, he becomesThat Dude at the club who is trying to hit on everyone. And no girl likes “That Dude”. You certainly don’t.

Woman rejecting man at the bar.When “That Dude” approaches you, you all are instantly turned off by him and say to yourself, and sometimes to him directly, “Why are you hollerin’ at me, I’m just another number to you.” Now let’s assume that you and “That Dude” would have actually hit it off and started a wonderful relationship together had he just approached you first. His chances of achieving success with women he actually stands a chance with significantly decreases with each approach and rejection he gets. And ladies, you are not stupid. You can smell this strategy on a guy from a mile away. If he doesn’t make you feel special, then he’s not. Drop him.

Now let me ask you this: Why would I put myself in that position? I don’t go headhunting for “chicks” when I go out. If I decide to talk to a woman while out in a public setting, I understand that by doing so, I am crossing out several other women from contention. It would makes sense to me to find the ones that I think mesh better with my character and vice-versa rather than just one that “looks good“. I’m a sniper, not Infantry. It’s all about accuracy. One shot, one kill.

How can I tell which ones mesh the best with me and who I have a better chance with? Simple, I’m a confident and intelligent person, so I have my best chances with a woman who has the same qualities. Typically, women who I deem as overdressed for the occasion have something to compensate for. Not all of you, but enough. I’ve went to a dive bar to watch a fight and saw a group of women dressed in those bandage dresses (I don’t know what they’re called but they are tight) and expensive looking shoes. Sure they looked good, and they were approached by every bar slob in the place. To me, that looks like these girls want to step out and get noticed. But at a Dive Bar? Really? Am I going to include myself in the folds of men who flock as soon as they see eyeliner and boobies. Nah homie. I’m straight.

To me, overdressing = confidence issues or attention deficiency disorder.

“If my tit is hanging out my dress, the night is gonna be interesting!”

I know you women have fun turning guys down. We know that. Hell, we have fun turning women down. Ok, tha’s a lie. We don’t turn them down, we keep them around anyway, but like you, we do it because we just want our ego stroked.

I know some of you women are of course saying, “I don’t do that. I dress for me, myself, and I.”

Yeh, I’m sure you do. But I personally think that this type of woman represents about 30% of you all. So for the sake of that 30%, I’m hollering at none of ya’ll. Blame them, not me.

Thirty percent! That may seem too low to be casting off the vast majority of women, but when you talk about accuracy, it makes sense. Look at the women who dress sophisticated, appropriate, and leave enough to the imagination to pique my interest. Ladies, our definitions of those words are different than yours. I want the girl who dresses comfortably over provocatively, reserved over liberally, confident over attention-starved. Out of all the women that dress like that, I have a better rate of success with these ladies than the flashy, makeup intensive, fashion overloaded ones. Out of both groups, the latter yields significantly less false positives than the former with a much higher conversion ratio. I’m gonna do what benefits me, so will the rest of the A-team.

We scan you before you even see us and the logic that drives the male brain will always do the math. Some are just better than others at it. The C-team does the Law of Large Numbers thing while the A-team provides a hypothesis and formulates a proof. So if you feel that the girls that dress up and have no substance don’t include you: No offense, I’m just tryina keep my stats up. I’ve done the math, and it’s sound. Trust me, I’m a genius.

Discuss below and be sure to check out what my colleagues think. Let them know how right I am.

The Make-up Myth: The Introduction

The Gentleman’s Thoughts

The Prophet’s Thoughts