The Staff

The Genius

The Genius At age 9, The Genius was given his first IQ tests. He scored 146. At age 18, he took another one. Score, 146. Despite being officially classified as a genius, The Genius believes IQ tests are BS. Even though he believes he’s smart as hell, he doesn’t necessarily brag about it. As a student of technology and applied mathematics, The Genius’s educational conquests have taken him from the South, to the Midwest, East Coast, and Back to the South.

The Prophet

The Prophet Why The Prophet? The prophet always seems to have the answer to the toughest questions about life and the day to day struggles most of us must go through. Those close to him call The Prophet their own personal “Dr. Phil” with the ability to see far into the future and dictate the long lasting results of our actions exactly, oftentimes before we even act. By his own admission, The Prophet considers this a gift and a curse, especially considering the fact that he is unable to so precisely predict the ramifications of his own actions.

The Reverend

The Reverend Rather than address the pulpit, The Reverend walks amongst the congregation daily professing a sermon so easy on the ears you only realize you’ve heard it in the moments it leaves your lips. Logic so ahead of time it more closely resembles an infection spread with inflections becoming of common sense. Alas he finds the steeple most attended to rock the m-i-c, but the people passover tithes and pay attention to false deities. Just as well, he has vices and demons like any other man. The wisdom is knowing how to weave your heaven or hell here, in case what lies beyond is not. He comes from a line of preachers and is a strong advocate of being open-minded and the pursuit of a common understanding.

The Hammer

The Hammer As a professional & full-time intellect, the Hammer has been using his mind to smith into existence works of literary art. As a prolific published author, The Hammer uses his pen as his tool and slams words onto the paper in a manner that oftentimes leaves readers changed; sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worst. Never the type to be apologetic for speaking (what he considers) the truth, The Hammer welcomes intellectual discourse, just come correct with the facts.

The Paragon

Senior Female Correspondent

The Paragon As’s first female contributor, The Paragon provides balance in an otherwise unbalanced environment. Unafraid and more than willing to debate the most difficult of topics, from the awkward to the unsettling, The Paragon utilizes her prophetic expertise to shed light on the many sides of every story. Utilizing her insight, Afrothought relies on her to keep ideas fresh and open, as she offers her perspectives, through her lens.

The Virtuoso

Special Contributor

The Virtuoso The Virtuoso is the bard, the minstrel, the entertainer, and the lover all rolled into one. He is not a fan of intelligence quizzes or IQ tests although he is very apt. He seeks something else. At a very young age he was interested in the art of poetry. His passion for writing never grows old and he is a strong believer in the idea that the pen is truly mightier then the sword. His exploration into the meaning behind words has led him on a lifelong journey for the truth in things. His knowledge knows no bounds – he dissects both computer languages and Shakespearean sonnets or Victorian English until inevitably he arrives at the truth.

The Shaman

While the workers work and the children play, he masters both simultaneously. More than just a doctor prescribing four-hour trances, he’s the gut feeling you get while being put in skeptic scenarios. The Shaman still manages to sacrifice his soul to the suffering many, understanding that not everyone needs painkillers to cure their grief throughout the days and nights of living. The Shaman brings mental pictures to life, turns Kodak moments to cinematic adventures, and spreads animated characteristics ten times better than Walt Disney himself.

The Celebrity

Senior Hollywood Correspondent

The Celebrity It was quite apparent early in life that there was something unique about The Celebrity. Hailing from the deep south, his refusal to eat the widely consumed regional cuisine was enough on its own to cause the young star to stand out. Yet, it was his frankness and definitive commitment to speak his mind about any and all things often times irrespective of the consequences that truly made him a star in his own right. Although his internal flame shone most fiercely for a spot in the musical limelight (hence the name), his words have carried him the farthest and are sure to keep heads rollin’ as the thoughts continue to flow.

The Gentleman

The Gentleman The Gentleman is heir to a dwindling wealth of virtues passed down amongst the misdeeds of modern men. He was born and raised in the South though traveled North for an expanded horizon. He espouses the dignity his newly emancipated ancestors established for themselves before the contest began. His poise composed of an artistic education and down-home good sense rooted in the aspiration to always be a better man in all settings and situations. He keeps an eye on the bigger picture while appreciating the little experiences, creating a calm beyond his years. There is The Gentleman in every man waiting for his cue; a debt to collect though the time rarely due.

The Lioness

Special Contributor

The Lioness The Lioness has been experimenting with the power of words since she was a fresh cub in the jungle of life. She is dedicated to bringing education, motivation and inspiration through thought. A hunter of the good in every man, she uses her prowess to stimulate the basic need in everyone: love. From a breed of strong felines, this cat is quick to roar her opinion and defend her pride. A true Leo to the bone, she lives each day to the fullest because, “it is better to be a lion for a day than a sheep all your life.”

The Hermit

The Hermit The Hermit, being really, ridiculously, obsessively solitary, could not be reached for comment. But if she could have been, she probably would have told you that she loathes people. All people. Each one as much as the next. Thus she stays as far away from them as physically possible. However, her loathing doesn’t stop her from feeling like she should try to do something to help them out. Hers is the realm of the literary though, so she writes. When people fail, she lets them know. When they do something right, she praises them. When there’s information they absolutely should know, she passes it their way. And maybe, just maybe, one day a few people will listen and become slightly less worthy of her disdain. She won’t hold her breath though.

The Interpreter

Special Contributor

The Interpreter Words are only as powerful as those who understand them. As well, their meaning is impotent when ambiguous. The Interpreter makes useful for us those words and ideas whether domestic or foreign, whether from one or from many and gives significance to that which would otherwise pass us by.