Fail: Yung Humma

Written November 4, 2010

My parents are rarely wrong when it comes to how to judge perceived human interactions. Their brand of tough love and harsh reality may have made me a slightly jaded individual, but it kept me from falling for the dumb ish all the other kids clearly accepted as the truth. While other kids were worshiping Santa Claus and the Hanukkah Harry, I was in the back of the kindergarten class smirking about how mentally superior I was to my classmates and played with the Flintstone Phone. I knew that the Muppets weren’t real, Mr. Rogers was a pedophile, and Big Bird was a transgendered Caucasian (and apparently the only Caucasian animal on Sesame Street). When people told me “You can’t judge a book by its cover”, I was the kid that told themF**k that, you can go to an interview in jeans, I’m wearing a suit”.

If I thought judging things as soon as I see them wasn’t P.C., I wouldn’t have sensed the impending hot mess of failfest that was going to ensue as soon as I saw Yung Humma hand-combing what appeared to be his “man-weave” in the first few seconds of his video “Lemme Smang It”. It was all downhill from there. This video/artists/song/dance fails for several reasons too obvious to even point out. The production, the awkward video girls, the awkward dancing, Charlies Murphy’s evil crackhead twin brother from Bizzaroland, and the 80′s-rific extreme closeups at the end. I’m done.

So fasten your seatbelt and prepare to hop on the LOL-copter as you fly over the epic fail this that is this video….no, wait…experience.

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29 Responses to “Fail: Yung Humma”
  1. Mike says:

    I honestly thought you meant you thought the joke wasn’t funny, I had to re-read what you wrote several times. If you don’t find this funny you gotta lighten up start to understand jokes better.

  2. Thug says:

    You idiot. It’s a joke. And a funny one at that.

  3. Mr Will says:

    *sh*t is genius parody! <—

  4. Mr Will says:

    ‘FAIL’??? SHeeeeeeit! Turquoise Jeep FTW!! This s*t is genius parady :D

  5. hitler kill ur self... says:

    Umm ya

  6. Hitler says:


  7. Julia B. says:

    Ugh perfect example of a stuck up tight-wad not being able to recognize a joke. You need to learn how to laugh. Instead of trying to figure out why your better than everyone else you should take a step back and not take things so seriously.

    p.s. I bet the kids in your class didn’t like you very much, did they? You were the bitter kid in the corner because your parents berated the childhood out of you.

    • Shannon says:

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  8. Alex says:

    This post is a pretty great example of an idiot with a superiority complex not getting it. Kudos genius, enjoy going to those high-flyer interviews in your suit.

  9. Diesel says:

    You could see through Santa Claus, but you couldn’t see through this? Poor old Michael Finnegan, begin again.

  10. Tom Brady says:

    Dude. You are such a dumb ass… you really think everything on youtube is real? This video is part of a whole series of “joke” songs… they have a CD out.

  11. JJ says:

    if this is the future of music squeej i’m killing myself tomorrow. end of story. joke or not this is awful

  12. Nigger Killer says:

    You’re an idiot, brah.

  13. The Gentleman says:

    In the Shaman’s defense, R&B/Rap has reached the point of tomfoolery that I too hear songs and see videos by “artists” thinking I am watching satire or at least an advertisement for… anything. Only they are not, they’re serious. ::sigh::

    Fave moments of “Lemme Smang It!”

    0:23 – “Scooby snack!”

    2:45 – He’s SERIOUS!


    Best Satire R&B Song Ever:
    Little Brother – Cheatin’

  14. no mejodas says:

    I know this is an old post but you are dumb as shiat if you thought this video was real. lol

  15. Dizzy K says:

    damn like everyone else said. you don’t get it… loser. and it’s actually really clever and humorous if you listen to his lyrics.

    Mmmmmm YUNG HUMMMA!

  16. Not gettin it says:


  17. pocks williams says:

    This was a great video. yung humma is a great dancer and lyricist. It was very humorous and f. floss is a quality rapper and human being.

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