Teachers arrested for threesome with student | New York Post

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A Threesome with a student got caught when the boy bragged about it. Read more

Absolute Power…

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(SOURCE: Libya’s new rulers declare country liberated)

The nation of Libya recently overthrew the regime of leader Muammar Gaddafi. In a joyous celebration the transitional government has declared the country officially “liberated.” It’s a beautiful day for the Libyan people. As well, it is a solemn time of remembrance for the lives sacrificed in attaining that freedom.

The one thing I disagree with in the entirety of the coup, the rebellion, and the liberation is the celebration of the execution of Gaddafi. Granted, there is nothing redeeming about any leader who doesn’t take care of his people. However, does no one find the way people rejoiced at the news of his execution disturbing? I can understand being relieved. I could understand the satisfaction of vengeance. I can understand rejoicing at the new found freedom. However, fist-pumping, high-fiving, “and I hope they burn in hell” style celebration because you killed a guy makes me question your judgment. Morally, how is that justified? You can do better. Shouldn’t you want to be better person?

I can understand the Libyans rejoicing at the death of Gaddafi, but people over in the United States are truly elated. Granted, Gaddafi committed many crimes and I mean no solace in that but really?! Keep your composure. A man was executed. It seems antithetical to be so uncivilized when promoting the virtues of democracy. If not antithetical, then merely hypocritical.

Obama Deals Birthers Deathblow

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Obama Long Form Birth Certificate

Source: Obama releases ‘long form’ birth certificate

Unfortunately, the President believes facts and a majority of the nations acceptance of such will finally stop the relentless extremists unwilling to acknowledge his eligibility and therefore Presidency. These fundamentalists also known as “birthers” have flamed rumors that Barack Hussein Obama II was born outside of the United States and thus ineligible to be President despite prior presentations of proof.

We will not be surprised if the fanatical birther members chalk this release of President Obama’s birth certificate up as a conspiracy. Donald Trump, don’t quit your day job(s).

Bing and Facebook Link Against Google

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Bing-Facebook mount assault on Google

Source: The Bing-Facebook Alliances

In case you didn’t notice, Bing is the official search engine for Facebook. Which gives Bing access to your Facebook info and thus the ability to try to mold the search results it feels relevant to the things you deem relevant. While the Google brand is still a verb synonymous with web searching itself, the Bing-Facebook deal may finally add credibility to the much-ignored Microsoft search engine.

Election Day Yields Conservative House

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Line of people
Republicans have taken control of the House of Representatives and closed the gap in the Senate. The high profile seats remained liberal but a large majority of seats that did not get national attention went conservative. Read more

Behind the Ground Zero Mosque

Crowd rallies against the Islamic center holding signs and flags posted courtesy of Mind the Brain

To build or not to build?
Let’s skip the fact it’s not exactly a mosque nor is it at Ground Zero and get to what this uproar really says: American freedom stops where American ignorance begins. I’m going to skip all the history that supports that and jump to what the means today.

Read more

Hamilton Takes Formula One Points Lead

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“Hey, you know, sometimes you gotta race…”

Lewis Hamilton won his second grand prix in a row this weekend in Montreal. This win puts him atop the leader board with 109 points. There have been eight races in the series. Hamilton seemed to have a vigorous battle pushing his McLaren Mercedes past the field. His teammate Jenson Button, who finished the race second, sits three points behind Hamilton in the standings. Hamilton is the youngest Formula One World Champion in its history as of 2008.

US Congress passes Healthcare Reform bill

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President Obama addresses the Democratic caucus about passing the health care bill Saturday on Capitol Hill‘It’s a victory for the American people’ © Barack Obama

In a historic vote last night, Congress passed H.R. 3590, more commonly known as the “Healthcare Reform Bill.” After rancorous debate that seemed more akin to the dozens game than an exchange of facts and opinions Read more

Eeney Meeney Miney Mo…

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Golfer Tiger Woods

Golfer Tiger Woods

Source: BBC News – Golf icon Tiger Woods faces police questions over crash

(BBC News) Police are expected to question world number one golfer Tiger Woods later on Saturday more than a day after a car crash outside his Florida home.
The star was found semi-conscious with facial injuries after his car reportedly hit a fire hydrant and tree.
Officers were told Woods’ wife Elin had used a golf club to break the rear window of the car and help him out after the accident early on Friday.
The 14-time major champion was admitted to hospital and later released.

There are TWO Black men that are not allowed to EVER break the law. Tiger Woods and Barack Obama. Tiger… your f*cking up!!
(And yes, all subtext with the nursery rhyme and it’s various controversial presentations is completely intentional. C’mon now… we’re AfroThought.)

Best Buy Pricing Errors Cause a Stir

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tvNEW YORK – Few if any of the deals retailers have offered online during the recession have been as good as Best Buy Inc.’s sale price of $9.99 on a 52-inch TV Wednesday. But it quickly turned out the offer was too good to be true. Read more

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