Fiasco Against the Machine

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Lasers Album Cover Art
In response to our friends at

Sadly, Lupe’s mainstream crossover will succeed mainly because anything promoted at a certain level will; e.g. Rebecca Black. On top of that he is actually talented, so the flash-in-the-pan pitfalls should be beyond his team’s concerns. Additionally, he has a legion of fans who essentially have liitle-to-no other choice; not a lot of emcees of his caliber for this generation. So though Atlantic Records is bafflingly horrible at business; Lasers will not usher in a new movement of commercial appeal AND talent. Atlantic’s turn at the helm did not fail. In fact, even if it had tanked, the label would blame Lupe. Fortunately for them, short of complete career suicide, nothing he did on/after this release would have caused its demise. Evident in the fact that he, hereto, has been highly antagonistic of the album and the process through which it came to be, yet Lasers continues to succeed.
The opposition makes sense though Read more

Mos Def signed with G.O.O.D. Music?!

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A record number of people were gathered in D.C. and burst into exaltations of joy and merriment to welcome… oops wrong awesome moment.

Okay, I think we are all familiar with G.O.O.D. Music… now add Mos Def!!
I’ll give you a minute to collect the pieces of your cranium and recompose yourself because, like mine, your head might have just exploded. Take a few seconds to look for gray matter.

If you don’t know why you should be hopeful for the future of music consider the following. The three current stars of G.O.O.D. Music are Common, Kanye West and John Legend.

We would like to thank a YouTube patron fond of reflection for the following phrase that sums up the signing:

“Mos Def just signed to G.O.O.D. Music? They’re starting to be something like Young Money, except the rappers on G.O.O.D. Music can actually rap.” © iceberggrebeci

Source:Mos Def signs to G.O.O.D. Music

The Make-up Myth: The Gentleman’s Thoughts

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Recently a female friend asked us:

“Why do guys always approach her when she’s not looking so hot, but when she’s all dolled up and on point, none of the fine guys step to her, only the C-team.”

Here’s what The Gentleman had to say about it:

“It’s deep how you can be so shallow.” © Cee-Lo Green

Attention ladies:
You are not wearing make-up for guys. You are wearing make-up for yourself. Beyond that, you are wearing make-up for other girls. Now hopefully for many of you this is no shock, but some of you are perplexed. You can’t understand why men you might be interested in approach you when you aren’t wearing make-up as opposed to the subpar suitors that throw out pick-up lines when you are.

Think about that. Introspect the very reason you prepare yourself the way you do. Then break down your experiences of make-up vs no make-up again. We’ll come back to it.

We See You
For starters, make-up isn’t as magical as you think it is. In fact, it’s not fooling anybody of anything. We see you. You’re not “vanishing”, “masking”, “contouring”, “revitalizing”, “concealing” anything. WE SEE YOU. It’s almost insulting to act as if we can’t tell what you look like without makeup. It’s the equivalent of hiding behind your hands and breathily saying “I disappeared. Where did I go?!”. We might have been fooled when we were younger, but now… nope. Not only that, some of us have dated enough that we could give you some pointers.

Example: Properly applied lip gloss trumps any lipstick, any day for any desired look/effect/whatever for any desired bachelor/target etc. That’s a freebie. Enjoy.

Do you disagree? Do you think this is just one guy’s opinion. Well, if you don’t believe me, do a study. Ask the next guys you are attracted to and guys you aren’t attracted to which they prefer “lip gloss or lipstick”. Side note: I hope you know that as a female you can approach ANY dude at ANY time. In fact, guys LOVE it. So next time you are out, day or night, approach the most attractive person that you can find and say “I’m trying to settle a disagreement” and ask his preferences. Then get his name and number. If necessary, claim that it’s just in case you have to verify the preference for the opposing party in the wager.

A gentleman with binoculars.

Wave Your Flag
Every sensible/respectable guy can see trouble coming from a mile away. Make-up is like a warning flag; a flag literally written on your face. Thus to those who habitually wear it, thank you. You are telling us most of what we need to know without even talking to you. Well, some of us anyway.

It seems the quantity of make-up is usually directly proportionate to the issues of the wearer. The first and most obvious being self-image. Either she is insecure about her looks or too absorbed in her looks. Either way, it’s a bit too superficial; which is a shame because a number of you look better with a little moisturizer and some chapstick. You don’t landscape a beach. If you’re pretty, you’re pretty.

Personally, I’ve tried to be open-minded about this but the results follow a trend. Every time I’ve dated someone whom I’ve discovered wore a lot or make-up (meaning I approached her with little-to-no make-up and only discovered her cosmetic consumerism later) there were other issues that basically made “us” difficult. Makes sense though, some things in life just take a certain type of person. The person who can spend ten or more minutes doing their make-up… well…

Birds of a Feather
Similarly, it should be no surprise then that when wearing make-up you are approached by certain types as well. So, again, think about it. If you don’t like the guys that approach you when you are wearing make-up, then what is your make-up saying about you? Or what you want?

Example: If you make yourself look like a Barbie doll, of course cats are going to toy with you.

I’ll give you a cop out though, maybe you just applied it wrong. That way you can keep on wearing the warning flag and continue to let the rest of us know what we’re getting into.

It’s like National Geographic: “The female wards off desirable males with particular markings on her visage unaware of the signals she is sending.”

Meanwhile the girl with less make-up seems to have other priorities. Maybe she values other things about herself more than her appearance. Maybe she is just driven to focus on other aspects of her life. Maybe she’s laid-back and doesn’t care how others see her. Maybe she’s just that confident about her self-image that she feels she can rock the no make-up look. I wonder what she does with all the time and money she saves. All of these things I don’t know because I don’t get to judge this book by it’s cover. Gasp, I would have to talk to her to find out who she is AND/OR confirm my suspicions.

Now you may try to say that guys are intimidated by a woman who looks like she’s got it going on. That may be true. But in case it isn’t true, I hope you know the woman wearing the make-up is not the one who seems to have it together; it’s the other woman. She seems more confident, plus I can’t tell everything I need to know by looking at her. Hence why she gets approached. And why, when you aren’t wearing make-up, you get approached.

Young ladies waving flags.

Most of the guys you would want to approach you aren’t fans of make-up. You know the types. The men who don’t play games. They have magnetic charisma, nice job, values, fun, etc. Those guys, they aren’t fans. Granted, if you are going somewhere extremely formal and/or important, it is understandable that maybe you want to even out your skin tone and accent this or that feature. Acknowledge the event. Hell, sometimes you just want to look nice to make yourself feel good. But seriously, calm down. Oh, and why would you want a guy who is less attracted to you without your make-up? Multiple faults there.

Lastly, when you don’t wear make up you are also more accessible. No lipstick, guys can kiss you without coming away wearing lipstick or tasting it. No make-up, we can hold you close and not get make up on our clothes. Essentially, if we don’t think you need to wear make-up, we definitely don’t want to wear it ourselves. Besides, you are beautiful, are you not? We think so. Especially when we get to see the real you. The you that we would ideally want to get to know, wake up next to, commit to. The real you. Why would you want to hide that from us?

Less is more.

Leave your thoughts below.

The Make-up Myth: The Introduction

The Genius’ Thoughts

The Prophet’s Thoughts

Better Listen to Your Corner…

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Soulja BoyWhen are rappers going to stop attempting to sing their own hooks?

Dear Rappers,

1. How am I supposed to believe you are as rich as you say you are when you can’t afford a singer. Do-it-yourself projects never scream affluence. In fact the wealthiest people show off by doing as little for themselves as possible. Think Hakeem in Zamunda from Coming to America. Read more

Can You Hear Me Now?

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With all the buzz going on about the latest smartphones to transcend being mere rumors, we’d like to present this comparison chart. We know which ones are our favorites, but we are sure there will be contention among the office soon. New phones pop up faster than you can say “Droid X?!”. ::gasp::

(Source: Android Central & The iPhone Blog)

Hamilton Takes Formula One Points Lead

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“Hey, you know, sometimes you gotta race…”

Lewis Hamilton won his second grand prix in a row this weekend in Montreal. This win puts him atop the leader board with 109 points. There have been eight races in the series. Hamilton seemed to have a vigorous battle pushing his McLaren Mercedes past the field. His teammate Jenson Button, who finished the race second, sits three points behind Hamilton in the standings. Hamilton is the youngest Formula One World Champion in its history as of 2008.

Big Brother?

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What if Cornel West, Michael Eric Dyson and/or Hill Harper had a reality TV show?


What are YOU looking at?!

You have twenty-six minutes left to get to your destination and, of course, there is traffic. One accident you accounted for, no problem. That second accident less than a mile up the same stretch of road, however, is the perfect situational “screw you”  requisite for reassessing your good deeds over the last week. As you near the flashing lights you discover the bane of many motorist’s life; the accident isn’t even on your side of the road. On top of that, there is a barrier between your side and that side. Meaning at 75mph you still present no threat to the parties in said accident save maybe a strong gust of wind and one of the coolest effects in the aural realm (eeeeyyurrrrmmm). Keep it moving! Read more

Sister/Sis… Mister?

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“Tell me is there any more room for me in those dominant genes?!”

You are dating someone and she tells you that she has siblings. Okay. Eventually she shows you pictures of them. Cool. One day you finally meet them and you get along great with them. Whew. Meet-and-greet nearly accomplished, everything is dandy until your date turns a certain way and now you notice something. She looks just like her brother. A resemblance -no matter how much you try to deny it- you see more than ever before.

Oh no. There is no ‘reset’ button either. You can’t remove the dots once the connection is made. They’re almost twins now! Oh, yeah, others might say they don’t really see it, good for them. But they aren’t you; you can’t ignore it. And it will probably become most poignant at the worst possible times too. In fact, the only thing that can top the ‘sister-mister’ is a father-daughter resemblance.

So what do you do? Also, is this an issue? What about when the genders are reversed?


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We’re no experts, but…

if it’s 11:30pm and your kids are in the middle of the city streets unchaperoned howling (hopefully at the moon, if nothing else), you might be f*cking up.

Everyday, advocates for a license to have kids seem less and less crazy.  Do you think a bill would pass for a license to have more than one child?  Imagine the posters in support.  “Kids:  the first one’s a gimme.”

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